While the Chiefs fell short to the Buccaneers in the Super Bowl, Patrick Mahomes still had a successful year. Then again, when has he not been successful. The 2019 Super Bowl MVP, and 2018 MVP, took Kansas City back to the year’s final game. That’s a feat that only two teams a year can complete.

While we don’t need to take away anything from Aaron Rodgers’ season, Mahomes was not far from behind him. Yes, Rodgers is deserving of the MVP award, but the stats are very similar, some even better than Mr. discount double-check.

Mahomes was third in MVP voting behind the Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen. Yes, the Chiefs quarterback was third. Like Rodgers, Allen had an outstanding year, his best yet, actually. However, the year he had can be compared to a regular-season for number 15.

Grading and Comparing Mahomes 2020 Season

Mahomes vs. Allen

Let’s start with the second-place leading vote getter, Josh Allen. Once again, he had a fantastic season. However, we can look at the overall number by both players and see who really had the better season.

To start, both guys were in the running for MVP, so their seasons can be graded very highly. For Allen, he led his team to the AFC Championship with a 13-3 record. However, he was met by the Chiefs, who would then end their road to the Super Bowl.

Allen would finish the season with 4,544 yards, two hundred less than Mahomes, 37 touchdowns, one less than Mahomes, and ten interceptions, five more than Mahomes. Read that out loud and ask yourself why Allen would be above Mahomes in the MVP voting. It just simply does not make sense.

Mahomes vs. Rodgers

I’m going to start by saying what needs to be said, in that Aaron Rodgers deserves the MVP of last season. However, this is about comparing Mahomes to Rodgers to represent better how well the Chiefs quarterback played.

Of course, we can start with the stats, the same ones we used for the Josh Allen comparison. First, win and loss record for 2020. Once again, the Green Bay Packers finished their season one win away from the Super Bowl, Lead by Aaron Rodgers with a 13-3 record.

The league MVP finished 4,300 passing yards, which is fantastic. However, Mahomes finished with 400 more yards in one less game played. Where Rodgers really won people over was his touchdown numbers and the completion percentage.

At 70%, Rodgers threw 48 touchdowns compared to Mahomes 38 touchdowns on 66% completion. He did all that while only throwing five interceptions, which is incredible.

All this to say that Mahomes is still among the best, if not the best, even in a normal year. So much so that voters may start getting voter fatigue. At least, that would somewhat explain why he was third in the MVP voting.

Featured Image Credit: Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports