The Chiefs have been known to have one of the best receiving groups in the NFL the last few years. Some of that success can be due to having a guy like Sammy Watkins as a third option.

Now, the Chiefs will be without Watkins, as he signed a one-year deal with the Baltimore Ravens. While a stout defense shut down the NFL’s best offense in the Super Bowl, the Chiefs will likely be affected by Watkins’s decision.

Of course, the Chiefs breed dynamic targets for Mahomes to throw too, so it may not be a big problem losing Watkins. However, it is something to take into account.

Losing Watkins Won’t Hurt Chiefs

The Chiefs likely will not be affected by the loss of Watkins for a couple of reasons. We know that with Eric Bieniemy and Andy Reid at the helm of the offense, the Chiefs can make a great offense out of almost anyone.

With the 2021 NFL Draft approaching, Kansas City will have the opportunity to fill that void through the draft. This is a draft class full of wide receiver talent, and the Chiefs will likely be picking at least one up.

The draft can be tricky though. Just a few years ago, Kansas City drafted Mecole Hardman in the second round and found that he could be a potential star. However, Hardman has some things he needs to work on, but who doesn’t.

Having a late first-round pick means the Chiefs will be unable to draft guys like Chase, Smith, and Waddle. However, Brett Veach is good at finding hidden talent late and could find a diamond in the rough.

There are also guys like DeMarcus Robinson, who recently signed an extension, who has shown flashes and could breakout. Let’s not forget the signing of Antonio Callaway last season as well. Callaway is a guy who is fast and can lineup in a few different spots.

The Chiefs are not worried about Watkins leaving. They have plenty of ways to make up for his absence, and will likely take advantage of them.

Featured Image Credit: Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports