If any of you are parents, then you may remember the struggles of having a newborn. Well, Patrick Mahomes, the Chiefs franchise quarterback, will soon figure those out.

The problems of being a superstar football player are in their category, and when you add in being a father, it can be even more stressful. The upcoming offseason will be tedious for the Chiefs with the potential distractions at hand.

Kansas City had a good season, and I think we can all agree on that. However, the end game did not have the outcome we had hoped.

The Chiefs want to get back to the Super Bowl; what team doesn’t. As of now, they have the best odds to make yet another appearance. Of course, no one is blaming Mahomes or mad at their family for having a baby.

However, it can get in the way of bringing home a championship to Kansas City. Here is how Mahomes can stay focused, and do just what Kansas City fans want, another Super Bowl.

Mahomes Offseason

Patrick Mahomes can stay focused this offseason. Even with a baby girl now in his life, Mahomes has a work ethic like no other. But that is not the main thing he has going for him in the offseason.

If many of you remember, Mahomes struggled with a turf toe injury during the playoffs dating back to the divisional round with Cleveland. Well, he is set to have surgery on it this offseason, which will mean he needs time to rest and recover.

In other words, Mahomes will have some time off anyway, which is great when you consider how much he has played in the last three seasons. We saw during the first round of the playoffs, Mahomes was studying at home for whoever their opponent was going to be.

While resting his foot and spending time with his daughter, Mahomes will be fine this offseason. He will study film while also spending time with his new baby girl. Fans, you should not be worried. If you know the super star quarterback, you know this guy will be ready come August.

Featured Image: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports