When we all saw the notification that Patrick Mahomes would be inking a half-billion-dollar contract, there were a ton of thoughts around the team. The NFL probably gained a sigh of relief, knowing the Chiefs would struggle in free agency with no cap space.

Patrick Mahomes is not the only Chiefs player who received a big contract by the Chiefs last season, but he did get the biggest one. Chris Jones received one as well, after waiting to be granted a big check for several months.

One of the best defensive tackles in the league got paid big-time, giving people more room to ponder the Chiefs’ cap space situation. Not to mention, the NFL’s best tight-end Travis Kelce also got a new contract.

It is safe to say at that point, the Clark’s were handing out money. However, now that free agency is coming up and the Chiefs have very little room to operate, some changes had to be made.

The Chiefs recently cut their two best offensive linemen to save near $16 million in cap space. Now, news has broken that Mahomes is willing to restructure his deal to help the Chiefs in free agency, which will indeed be a huge help.

Mahomes Helping the Chiefs in Free Agency

We have seen star players like Tom Brady and others take financial sacrifices to help their team win, whether taking a significant pay cut or restructuring a contract to give the team space. Now Mahomes has done that for his team.

The Chiefs will need all the space they can get because free agency is approaching quickly. With little cap space, the Chiefs were put in a dire situation, likely leaving Brett Veach scurrying for answers.

Luckily, Mahomes had the answers I’m sure the Chiefs were looking for. His restructure saves the Chiefs around $16 million for this year. Even that much is enough to sign some solid players in free agency.

While that is not a whole lot of room to work with, we have seen Veach work some magic. Kansas City is in dire need of some help but at a low price.

Look for the Chiefs to attack free agency hard, and use their success as leverage, because money won’t be advantageous. The Chiefs could now sign some veterans who could help this team.

Whether it’s on the offensive line or the linebacker room, they need help. Now, we will have to wait and see what Veach has planned. It is safe to say, Mahomes is already showing qualities of being hungry to win even more.

Featured Image Credit: Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports