It is fair to say there have not been many offenses in NFL history like this one. Kansas City has become the poster child for how to win in this league. A big part of that is the Chiefs receivers.

Speed and talent at your skill positions are essential. While both of the teams participating in this Sunday’s game have good receiving cores, the Chiefs receivers have Patrick Mahomes.

Yes, I know what you are going to say. “But the Buccaneers have the greatest player of all time,” Which would be a true statement. However, Kansas City has the most talented quarterback of all time and has done things we have never seen.

The receivers are good, too, though. Well, not just good, but great. That might not even be the correct word either. Travis Kelce is one of the greatest tight ends the league has ever seen, and he keeps getting better.

Tyreek Hill is the fastest player in the league- unless your Scotty Miller- and can get open whenever he wants. The list just keeps going, and you could say the same about the Buccaneers receivers too.

However, how do the Buccaneers defensive backs match up with Kansas City? It is a question that a lot of people probably want to know. Well, we can dive into it here and then find out on Sunday.

Chiefs Receivers vs Tampa Bay Defense

To start, the Chiefs receivers have been balling out all season long. There has not been a better receiving duo this season than Travis Kelce and Tyreek Hill.

The last time these two teams played each other, Tyreek Hill had himself a career game in just the first quarter. He finished with a receiving grade by Pro Football Focus of 92.9.

Hill’s 269 yards and three touchdowns were attributed to the lousy coverage Tampa Bay played on him. Carlton Davis, a Buccaneers defensive back, was the primary victim that day.

The Buccaneers tried plenty of other coverages and players on Hill, but of course, it didn’t work. Carlton Davis was responsible for 211 yards and all three touchdowns on just nine receptions.

Devin White, the young Buccaneers linebacker, was accountable for 23 yards on two receptions. However, Devin White did finish the game with a 71 grade, one of his better performances this season.

Travis Kelce didn’t have an “otherworldly.” game against the Buccaneers, but he still did his thing. Part of that is because of how well Hill played.

The Chiefs tight end finished with eight receptions for 82 yards. Not to mention he got the Chiefs five first downs in this one.

Buccaneers linebacker LaVonte David got most of the work from Kelce by allowing 42 yards on four receptions. Safety Sean Murphy-Bunting gave up 23 yards on two catches.

This just goes to show that Travis Kelce is too good. You can put a linebacker, safety, or cornerback on him, and it is not enough. It also shows that the Buccaneers third-ranked coverage defense still is not good enough for the Chiefs receivers.

Featured Image: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports