It is easy to say that the recent Super Bowl loss will affect Mahomes legacy in the long run. Of course, there are star athletes whose legacy is hurt by a few championship losses.

Many would argue LeBron James, for example. Four Championships in ten tries does not seem too great on paper. However, as fans of sports, we tend to overlook the difficulty of winning just one championship.

Tom Brady has more Super Bowl rings than any franchise, and he is just one person. It is safe to say he is the anomaly in this discussion. As for Mahomes, his legacy won’t be affected in a bad way for few simple reasons.

Mahomes Legacy After Super Bowl Loss

There are a few reasons to overlook this Super Bowl loss for Mahomes. One day, when we are talking about the greatest quarterback ever in Patrick Mahomes, this loss will mean nothing, and here’s why.

It is safe to say that Brady is the model of quarterback that everyone should follow. He has seven rings, for crying out loud. However, Brady has lost a few times in the Super Bowl.

The Giants and the Eagles have gotten the best of Brady three times, which honestly felt so good. Brady can never seem to beat Eli Manning, and it may just be the funniest thing in sports.

But back to the topic at hand. Brady has taken three Super Bowl losses and is still widely regarded as the greatest football player ever. He proved that this last February.

When the notion that Brady could not do it without his long-time head coach was started, Brady had to go to Tampa to show everyone he could win. For Mahomes to lose to the greatest ever won’t hurt his legacy. In fact, it may help him.

When we look back, and Mahomes has eight rings with just one loss to Brady, that’s fine. Honestly, I’d rather Mahomes lose to Brady once than Eli Manning and Nick Foles three times combined.

Every great has its loss, whether it be in the final or before it. For Jordan, he could not get out of the first round for the first few years of his career. This will only make Mahomes better and help his legacy in the long run.

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