The Kansas City Chiefs play their first playoff game this Sunday against the Browns after coming off a first-round bye.

If we are to count week 17, where Andy Reid rested all of the starters, the Chiefs will be coming off two full weeks of rest. With the near two full weeks of rest to their starters, Kansas City will have an advantage over any opponent they face.

It is clear that when this time of year comes around, any team could use that. It’s something that not every squad is fortunate of, but the Chiefs were.

Even at 14-2, the best overall record in the NFL, the Chiefs can still find areas to improve. When entering postseason play, every team is good, and you can’t afford to miss anything.

While Kansas City could improve a few things, one, in particular, should have had their primary focus. If this issue was not fixed or tuned, it could determine if their road to Tampa will be blocked off.

Big Chiefs Problem to Fix During Bye

Kansas City had plenty of time this past week or so to fix their offensive line problems. Yes, that is the Chiefs’ problem, and it’s not essential for just this weekend or the week after, but for the Chiefs entire future.

If they want to keep their “Half a Billion Dollar” quarterback healthy- which significantly increases winning odds, Mahomes needs to be protected a little better.

Let’s look at some stats from this past season and see who needs to up their game come Sunday. Pro Football Focus grades each player overall and in certain situations.

I gathered information on the Chiefs during passing plays to get an idea of who has played well and who hasn’t. The information PFF collected and posted surprised me and may surprise some of you fans.

The best overall player on this Chiefs offensive line, meaning the best graded in both pass protection and run blocking, was none other than Eric Fisher. His 80 overall grade suggest that he has played at an above-average level this season.

Not only did Fisher have the best overall grade, but he had the best pass protection grade, making him the least responsible for the offensive line problems. If a few other could match his play level, this offensive line would be elite.

The worst offensive lineman this season was, without a doubt, Andrew Wylie. He capped out at an overall of 54.9 and a pass block rating of 57.

Like many other teams, a lot of their problems are the injuries they are dealing with, and this first-round bye only helps even more. With almost two full weeks of rest, this line should look good against the Browns on Sunday.

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