The moment many speculated would come has arrived. The Kansas City Chiefs and Buffalo Bills will meet in the postseason. Two teams that many considered the favorites in the AFC before the season are still alive. Only one will claim victory and move on to the AFC Championship game to host the Cincinnati Bengals.

3 Matchups to Watch
Travis Kelce versus Bills linebackers/defenders

If this game becomes a shootout, Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce will have to be heavily involved. During the regular season, the Bills’ defense was top 5 in receptions allowed to the TE position. Kelce is no normal tight end, though, so the challenge is certainly unique. Kansas City needs to get him involved early and often, and don’t be surprised if you see another trick play or two from the coaching staff incorporating their TE.

In their loss against the Bills this year, Kelce had six catches for 57 yards and a touchdown. Last season, it was a different story for Mahomes, Kelce, and Kansas City against the Bills.

Josh Allen’s mobility versus Chiefs front seven

This matchup may be the most important for the outcome of the game. The Bills began to use Allen’s legs more often in the second half of the season, and their offense became even more explosive. His athleticism puts strain on the defense because of how capable he is at throwing the football down the field.

If the Chiefs go zone-heavy, his arm strength allows him to fit the ball into open windows in the zone. If they go man-heavy in coverage, it makes them more susceptible to his scrambling ability as well as busted coverages downfield. The Chiefs will need to mix up the coverages and pressures they send Allen’s way throughout the game.

Bills offensive tackles versus Chiefs edge rushers

The defensive line for the Chiefs has been playing some good ball as of late. At the same time, Buffalo has gotten improved play out of their offensive line. Left tackle Dion Dawkins struggled early in the season, but he has looked closer to his usual form lately. Rookie Spencer Brown has had blips on the radar, but he has played much better than anyone expected him to in his first year. He is definitely a fan favorite for the Bills.

Those tackles will have their handful for the edge rushers of the Chiefs, though. Frank Clark has come on a bit stronger later in the season, and Melvin Ingram was probably the most impactful trade deadline addition in the entire NFL. Add in All-Pro DL Chris Jones, and that trio is terrifying for any offensive line.

This game has been a highly-anticipated one all season long for the AFC playoffs. Hopefully, it’ll live up to the hype. These three key matchups will most likely decide the winner in the end. Enjoy!

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