The Kansas City Chiefs are the second seed in the AFC for the playoffs. That being said, there’s still a bit of skepticism around the team as a whole. The offense has seen its up’s and down’s as has the defense. The talent on offense is undeniable. It just hasn’t seemed to fully “click” as often this season. On the other side of the ball, the defensive line has shown improvement both against the run and pass, but the secondary looks somewhat thin. The young linebacker core has been a bright spot, especially late in the season as well. Everything hasn’t been running on all cylinders very often during this season, though.

The Stat

Regardless, Kansas City still managed to do one thing better than 30 other NFL teams. Beat other teams that have a winning record.

The Titans, the AFC’s top seed own the most victories over winning opponents, but the Chiefs are not far behind. It shows that their success has not just come against the bottom feeders of the league. Actually, they have played very well against their fellow contenders. Specifically, the Chiefs dominated the top of the NFC.

Why do they matter?

Kansas City has wins against the Eagles, Packers, and Cowboys. All of them are playoff teams in the NFC, and the Packers and Cowboys are the first and third seed respectively. As for their performances in the AFC, they dominated the Las Vegas Raiders twice and defeated the Los Angeles Chargers once in their own division. The Raiders are a playoff team, and the Chargers narrowly missed out.

The biggest takeaway from the wins may be that the defense stepped up in many instances. When the offense was not able to put up “shootout” numbers, the defense made enough plays to keep top offenses like Green Bay and Dallas in check.

In other cases, the offense ran away with some contests. They scored 30+ points in seven victories in total this season. If the Chiefs can find more balance between the offense and defense in the postseason, they have all the pieces to be Super Bowl contenders once again.

It will be interesting to see how much of this regular-season success against other top teams translates to the postseason. Is it a case of playing up to competition for Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs? Or was it just a bit of coincidence? Only time will tell. As for now, Chiefs fans can have some confidence in the idea that it seems like no opponent or situation will be too big for Kansas City.

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