The Kansas City Chiefs have released running back Damien Williams, who was a massive part of the Super Bowl win in 2020.

Some of the moves Kansas City is making may come as a surprise to many. Why wouldn’t it, when the franchise has already released three players from the winning season that happened just a year ago.

Of course, the Chiefs released Eric Fisher, who was their best offensive linemen this year. However, he left the AFC Championship game with an Achilles injury and was out for the season’s remainder.

Then, you have Mitchell Schwartz. The pro-bowler was released as well after being out for the majority of the past season. In a way, he was not helping the team anyway. Therefore, Veach might as well use his money.

These two moves happened before the start of free agency and kind of shocked everyone. Now, people can see why General Manager Brett Veach gets a lot of praise.

Chiefs Super Bowl Hero Being Released

To start free agency, the Chiefs made big moves with their new cap space. After the three contracts that were restructured and the two players cut, Kansas City had around $20 million in cap space to work with.

Joe Thuney’s name was never mentioned heading into the offseason, as a guy who could sign with the Chiefs. However, he did, for $80 million over five years.

Then the Chiefs signed another lineman on what could be said as a bargain deal. Kyle Long, the three-time pro-bowler, signed with Kansas City to earn around $5 million for one year.

With the signing of those two, Kansas City needed more cap space to work with. Therefore, the only logical move was to release the guy that hadn’t played in a year.

In Damien William’s case, he opted out of the 2021 season due to his family’s COVID concerns. You can fault the guy for that at all. Family always comes before football, especially during a pandemic.

The move makes a lot of sense when looking at the situation as a whole. Kansas City found their gem in Clyde Edwards-Helaire, who could be a star running back. Not to mention, Darrel Williams emerged in the playoffs as a great back, meaning Damien Williams became more expendable.

It’s sad to see him go, but it makes too much sense for the team. I’m sure the team had trouble making the decision.

Featured Image Credit: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports