The Chiefs are now getting ready to face the Cleveland Browns in week one after going 3-0 in preseason play. Why is that important? Well, the good reps can be carried over into a real game that matters, especially for rookies.

When you are so young or as my grandfather would say “wet behind the ears”, you need all the reps you can get in this game. It does not matter if the games count or not.

The preseason is a place where rookies can show they belong in the NFL for the first time. It is to show they can put everything together they learned in camp. But most importantly, it is to help get the players ready for the daunting tasks that lay ahead of them in the regular season.

Chiefs Rookies putting it together in preseason play

The Chiefs drafted very well this last year when you look at the value they got. Trey Smith, the Chiefs 6th round lineman, looks to be one of the best linemen on the team already. He may be the most impressive rookie on the team thus far, and the Chiefs spent nearly nothing on him.

He played so well within the first three preseason games, that he barely got any snaps outside the first possession. In other words, the Chiefs are treating him like a true starter, and pulling him so he doesn’t get hurt.

Creed Humphrey has played great as well. The starting center from Oklahoma showed he deserved to be in this league, as not only a player but a starter. The job was his almost instantly, and he has yet to disappoint.

Hopefully, the Chiefs can continue to get great production from their rookies and transfer some of this over into the regular season. It seems like every year the Chiefs draft very well, and it is looking like this draft class is nothing different. Brett Veach is a man on a mission to create a dynasty.

Featured Image Credit: Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports