The Kansas City Chiefs are set to play the biggest underdog remaining in the playoffs, and former player Kareem Hunt says he is taking this game personal.

After being one of the laughing stocks of the NFL, the Cleveland Browns made it over the hump. They found what they believe to be their franchise quarterback and have won their first playoff game since 1994, in a match that saw head coach Bill Belichick defeat the Patriots.

Now that they have gotten past their division rival in Pittsburgh in their wildcard matchup, Cleveland is scheduled to play the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday. Many Chiefs fans may remember Kareen Hunt, who once played for Kansas City, had something to say on his Instagram Live after the Browns 48-37 win over the Steelers.

It’s Personal Between Hunt and Chiefs

“Next week is personal, next week is personal”

Kareem Hunt started his career with the Chiefs after being drafted by Kansas City in 2017 in the third round. He then made his way into the starting lineup and became one of the league’s best running backs. We all know what happened from there, as Hunt got himself into legal trouble and lied to the team about it. This then forced Kansas City to release him, making Hunt available for the Browns to pick up.

Hunt’s numbers in Kansas City reflect how good he indeed was, and still is, even in Cleveland. During his tenure with the Chiefs, Hunt totaled 2,150 yards and 15 touchdowns and even led the league in rushing in his rookie season.

So why is this game so “Personal” for Hunt? Well, I’m sure he wants to show that he can still do what he did just three seasons ago. However, Hunt is not the primary running back in Cleveland; that would be Nick Chubb. Nonetheless, Hunt has been a good weapon for Cleveland and has been used in similar ways to how Reid used him in Kansas City.

This Sunday, we will see how Hunt handles his business against a much-improved run defense. As the last postseason showed, the Chiefs tend to turn things up a notch around this time of year.

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