The Kansas City Chiefs have been through some drama over this offseason. Luckily, it’s all over, as Orlando Brown Jr. decided to end his hold out on a hopeful contract extension. The Chiefs offered what looked to be one of the highest-paid offensive linemen in the league, but Brons Jr. was not interested. However, all the drama has been cleared from both sides.

However, now brings the question about next season. Since he was franchise-tagged, Brown Jr. will likely be a free agent going into the 2023 season, and people are already talking about it.

Chiefs’ Brown Jr. is listed as one of the best free agents in 2023

You never want to lose a guy like Brown Jr. on your team. He is versatile at a position that a lot aren’t. He has been heard saying last season was his first ever playing left tackle, and he did it at a pro bowl level. However, the Chiefs were almost without him this year and could be next year.

If Brown Jr. were to go into free agency next year, he would be a hot commodity. According to Gregg Rosenthal of, Brown Jr. would be the sixth-best player in free agency if he wasn’t tagged again.

Here is what Rosenthal wrote:

“Brown will play this year under the franchise tag. He said he wants to stay in Kansas City long-term but was looking for more guaranteed money from the Chiefs. A second tag would be expensive next season.”

The Chiefs won’t be in trouble without Brown Jr., but it could definitely cause some pain during the 2023 season. Yeah, every guy is replaceable at this level (besides Patrick Lavon Mahomes) but that doesn’t mean the young guys that would replace him won’t make mistakes throughout the season.

This is the right move for the Chiefs. It’s sad to say, but it is a business, and it happens way too often.

Kansas City likely won’t be able to afford more than what they initially offered him. So, I think the team will just develop a younger guy to play the position in 2023. I think that would be the right move. Ultimately, it is cheaper and would be for a while. Darian Kinnard already looks like he could start at the position. Of course, it is just training camp, but he looks impressive, nonetheless.

And there’s always the reality that Brown Jr. could play his way out of Kansas City. His price tag may be too high if he has a great 2022. Brown Jr. still has to prove he can play at an elite level, however, before that happens.

The Chiefs will still be okay with Brown Jr., as they have a ton of depth on the offensive line. This is without a doubt the best line that Mahomes has ever had in the NFL. And think about this, he won a Super Bowl with worse.

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