The Chiefs superstar quarterback has returned fully healthy from his injury in last year’s playoffs. Along with the toe injury and surgery, Patrick Mahomes had a few distractions this offseason that he would not normally have. The birth of his daughter (which is not a bad distraction), and having surgery and rehabbing his foot.

Initially, there were worries within the Chiefs organization and the fan base that Mahomes would likely miss part of the training camp. Of course, there was good reason to be worried. The best player in the league may miss the first football action since the super bowl.

Yes, a team that has been deep in the playoffs for three straight seasons needs rest. However, repetition is just as important. Luckily, the surgery allowed Mahomes to take it easy this offseason.

Mahomes Good to Go for Chiefs Training Camp

About a month ago, Mahomes told media that he would likely be able to participate in training camp and that he was ahead of schedule. Just last week, Mahomes spoke at a press conference and told media he would be at training camp participating with no restrictions.

I’m sure this relieved a lot of the pressure in Chiefs fan’s chest. We saw what this team is like without him, and while it is not terrible, they are not super bowl champs without Mahomes.

Training camp will allow everyone to get back in game shape and get a refresher of the playbook, amongst other things. As for the new players, they use training camp to simply learn. They will learn about their teammates, coaching staff, and the playbook, all while getting back in shape.

We have seen in the past players who usually miss camp or holdout don’t start the season the best. I don’t think Chiefs fans will have to worry about that with Mahomes. This team has started camp, and is ready to make it back to where they were just a few months ago, but with a different result.

Featured Image Credit: Steve Sanders/Handout Photo via USA TODAY Sports