It is almost that time again. The season is nearing, and the Chiefs are hitting the offseason hard. We all know about the dynamic offense that Reid and company have shown the last few years, which has been considered the best several times. However, the defense still needs improvement. Chiefs fans could see some of that this season with some better play from Frank Clark.

What the Chiefs could really use is a “Vintage” Frank Clark season. Maybe a year reminiscent of his days in Seattle with the Seahawks. We saw some dominance from Clark in the Superbowl against the 49ers, in which he found a way to penetrate San Francisco’s offensive line over and over again.

With some changes to this year’s defense, it could be Clark’s year. Unfortunately, he hasn’t quite played up to the contract he is on, and Chiefs fans are not too happy about that. However, there are some things that could help Frank Clark have a great year.

Clark, Chiefs Defense Could Have Better Season

Frank Clark could potentially take the defense to greater heights if he can play up to the level we know he can. In Seattle, the defensive end finished with 13 sacks in 2018 and finished 2016 with ten sacks. Those two seasons have statistically been his best, even though he did not earn a pro-bowl visit till he was with Kansas City. Even last year, with just six sacks, the 27-year-old made the pro-bowl.

One thing that could potentially help him have a better season is the defensive front as a whole. There have been talks that Chris Jones has been taking plenty of snaps on the outside, where he is usually on the inside of the defensive line. This could potentially put more attention on Jones than before, thus allowing Clark to operate better.

Let’s not forget about the off-season the team will have this year compared to last season. Kansas City, like every other team in the league, dealt with COVID during the off-season. As a result, the former Michigan defensive end will have a chance to get healthy and work on his game this summer.

If we do not see an improvement, Chiefs fans won’t be happy with Clark. This franchise could use all the salary and cap space possible, and Clark’s contract holds heavyweight. With some players like Tershawn Wharton and Michael Danna behind him in the rotation playing well last year, Clark could use that as motivation. However, only time will tell.

Featured Image Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports