The Kansas City Chiefs are one of the most historic franchises in the NFL. Coming over from the AFL, the Chiefs were almost immediately competitive. Back then, they wore red, white, and gold just like today, with nearly the same design.

A lot of people give the Chiefs a hard time for not changing their attire much. However, Chiefs fans respect the uniforms and understand why they are so underrated.

The uniforms are indeed one of the most underrated in the entire league for one main reason. No, it’s not the color scheme. No, it’s not the design of the stripes on the shoulder or the Arrowhead on the helmet. But instead, something that people outside of the fan base don’t understand.

The Part of Chiefs Uniforms that Make them Underrated

The Patch. The history. The traditionalism. All three of these are what make the Chiefs uniforms so unique. Teams like Kansas City, Green Bay, the Raiders, Steelers, and Cowboys all have tradition.

Green Bay and Kansas City are two of the teams that have not made many adjustments to their uniforms over the years. They are also two of the most storied franchises. The two played each other in the first-ever Super Bowl, and the Chiefs won the fourth-ever Super Bowl.

Coming over from the AFL, the Chiefs had a lot to do with the AFC Championship. The trophy is named after former owner Lamar Hunt, which has a lot to do with the patch on the side of the jersey.

There are a lot of teams that often take alternative ideas for their uniforms. Sometimes they will make the jersey in a different design or a different color that may not be their primary color but in their scheme. Kansas City does not usually do that. Yes, that can upset some people because of the “un-originality,” but it’s okay. History speaks for itself.

Featured Image Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports