The Kansas City Chiefs, one of today’s potential dynasties. No, the New England Patriots of old no longer claim that title. Now, the road to the Super Bowl goes through Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City. A stadium with tremendous advantage in an era where every team needs as much as they can get.

On August 12 of 1972, the Chiefs stadium opened in Kansas City. With a capacity of 78 thousand on its open date, it was one of the largest football stadiums during that time. Obviously, since then their have been stadiums with more capacity than that.

The stadium construction in 1973 cost just $43 million, of course in today’s money that translates to $266 million. Safe to say building a stadium isn’t cheap. While it isn’t, and never really was the nicest stadium, it has its own advantages that have helped the Chiefs through the years.

The Best Things About Arrowhead Stadium

The Chiefs use Arrowhead as an advantage, maybe more than any other team in football. No it isn’t the nicest stadium, but it has some pros to it. So let’s just start with all the advantages.

The Chiefs have one of the best fanbases in all of sports. The tailgating, and relentlessness of the fans is unmatched, so is the noise. They are so loud, it is nearly impossible for opposing teams to hear calls due to the cheering. It has been said to be one of the loudest places in all of sports.

Another advantage, the weather. While you make think it’s cold, and it is most the time, the players are immune to it. Yes, the fans will sit in the snow, rain, and sleet for hours cheering on their team. But the Chiefs play and practice in the brutal weather, giving them an advantage over other teams instantly. It could be five degrees outside and fans will still be grilling hotdogs outside the stadium prior to the game.

An Advantage For The Fans

While the next thing isn’t necessarily an advantage, it’s more of an added in thing. This definitely benefits the fans more, which is ultimately important as well. The location of Arrowhead is everything. No, it’s not in the actual city, which kind of helps.

With the stadium being away from the city, it’s not very hard to find. It’s right next to the interstate, and relatively easy to navigate too, with another large stadium right next door in Kauffman. And let’s be honest here. We all hate traffic leaving the game. Due to the location, parking and leaving the game is not tough at all.

Arrowhead stadium is often slept on by outside fans, or even people who have never been. But ask anyone who has been, and they will tell you it’s different than anything you will ever experience.

Featured Image Credit:Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports