Another year of having several Chiefs players on the pro-bowl roster, and it feels great. In the last few years, Chiefs players have filled the pro-bowl rosters, but due to being in the Super Bowl, were always unable to play.

Unfortunately, with the recent AFC Championship loss to the Cincinnati Bengals, the Chiefs were able to participate in pro-bowl festivities.

Patrick Mahomes ended with 53 passing yards and an interception on what was no more than 15 plays in the game. Tyreek Hill had four catches for 27 yards while Travis Kelce had just one catch for 10 yards. We won’t even get into the stats the defensive players had because there is no defense played.

While all the pro-bowl stuff is fun, it can have an effect on a team.

The effect pro-bowl weekend has on Chiefs

For many the pro-bowl is fun. For the majority, it’s boring to watch, with no intent to actually try in the game itself. However, if the teams did actually try, it would be bad for every team. It would be especially bad for the Chiefs in the reader’s case.

If the pro-bowl was taken seriously, and the players actually tackled there could be a large risk of getting hurt. For the Chiefs, they have always been somewhat healthy when it comes to a season. The only real injury problems they have are to the offensive linemen.

If Mahomes and company played hard and the right way in the pro-bowl, they could all get injured and possibly miss the start or even the entire next season.

The window for the Chief’s dynasty is getting smaller, as teams are getting better, and even catching up to Kansas City. With one wrong move or tackle, their future season can come to an end.

While I love to watch the players from the Chiefs organization compete with the best players in the world, I’d much rather them stick to the skills competitions. As a matter of fact, I’d much rather the Chiefs players not be able to attend the pro-bowl, because they are too busy preparing for more important things.

Featured Image Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports