The Kansas City Chiefs have built themselves up into a position that not many other franchises can do. Of course, the New England Patriots are familiar with where the Chiefs currently are.

With a franchise quarterback and unique pieces around him, the Chiefs have a similar model in place. The future will only get better for Kansas City.

With a Super Bowl ring and three AFC Championship appearances in the last three years, the Chiefs are contenders for years to come. The Chiefs are far above their conference and even further above their division.

Even with the Chiefs being dominant the last few years and the next few, they still have challenges ahead of them. Some of those challenges can even come from their division, where the AFC West is getting more challenging every year.

Chiefs Biggest Threat in AFC West

Honestly, none of the other three teams in the AFC West are close to challenging the Chiefs for a Super Bowl. However, there is a team that gives Kansas City problems when they play.

History would tell you that it’s the Denver Broncos, who have always gone back and forth with the Chiefs and have a few championships of their own. However, with the problems they have at quarterback and their reluctance to stay healthy, the Broncos may not be there for a while.

Could it be the Chargers, who have a new head coach with a defensive pedigree. After making the Rams the best defense in the league by far, Brandon Staley was a good hire.

However, the Chargers are still so young and have a few kinks to work out as well. In the future, they will for sure be a team to give the Chiefs problems.

The Raiders would be that team that could give Kansas City problems in the upcoming season. With the season series split at a game apiece last year, and the second game close, the Raiders are better than expected.

Many people believe that Jon Gruden is building them, mainly to beat Kansas City. With an improved offense this past year, their main problem was the defense.

Well, Jon Gruden has already stated that their priority this off-season will be on that side of the ball. They are in no way contenders right now, but they can give Kansas City problems this upcoming season.

Featured Image: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports