The Chiefs are heading back to the conference championship and are playing Buffalo, whom they played in the championship game 27 years ago.

In that game, the Bills came out as they headed to the Superbowl afterward. This time around, the Chiefs are the ones defending a title and are looking to run it back.

While Buffalo has an elite offense, they do have some weaknesses to expose. With those at hand, the Chiefs defense lines up perfectly with the opponent.

However, to get the win on Sunday, the Kansas City defense has to execute. This one advantage will help them tremendously this weekend.

Biggest Advantage for Chiefs Defense Over Buffalo

Kansas City has struggled on defense the last few seasons, and there is no hiding it. The particular area of concern over the past few years has been run defense.

Even with an improved rush attack on defense this season, they are still not great. However, the Chiefs do tend to turn it up in the playoffs.

We saw just that last weekend against the Browns, who had the third-best rushing offense in the league. The Chiefs defense subtly shut down Chubb and Hunt.

The advantage they have over Buffalo this weekend is that they won’t have to worry about that area as much. Buffalo does not run the ball, hardly ever. When they do run it, it is with quarterback Josh Allen.

Since the rush defense is not great for Kansas City, the pass defense is. Not saying that you can’t have both, but the Chiefs are not the Rams, defensively.

Even though there are some injuries on the current secondary, that unit is the main advantage for Kansas City. They pride themselves on good pass defense and have all season.

While Stefon Diggs and Josh Allen have been excellent this season, so have the Chiefs secondary. Rookie cornerback L’Jarius Sneed has the lowest passer rating of all corners in the playoffs with a 58.1.

The advantage comes with the ability for Kansas City to prepare for a passing offense. Starting linebacker Anthony Hitchens stated that they wanted to “Make it one dimensional” for Buffalo.

Yes, it will be tough to do that against a guy like Diggs. This is a guy who ranks first in receptions and yards against single coverage and press coverage.

Luckily the Chiefs are good when opponents take shots downfield. Kansas City has the most targets of plays 20 yards or more and has the best passer rating during those plays of the remaining playoff teams.

Kansas City has the advantage of knowing what to prepare for most, while Buffalo may not be able to do the same. The Bills have no idea who will be starting at quarterback.

To add to that, Kansas City has shown they can win by running the ball as well, just like they did in week six against the Bills.

Featured Image Credit: Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports