The Chiefs are back in the Superbowl where they were just a year ago. After a Chiefs AFC Championship win, Kansas City has a ticket to Tampa. This time, they have a different opponent. However, before we dive into the matchup to be, there are still some things to go over from the battle with the Bills.

The Chiefs did everything they needed to win on Sunday. While, yes, there were some negative things. Kansas City prevailed and erased every bad narrative wrote about them from the regular season.

Chiefs AFC Championship Win Over Bills

Chiefs Left Opportunities on the Field

There were plenty of things to be happy about after this Chiefs AFC Championship win over the Bills. However, there are a lot of opportunities Kansas City left on the field.

The 38-24 win over Buffalo could have been much worse for the Bills. If we are putting things into an optimistic perspective, the score could have been a lot higher. A win is a win nonetheless.

Looking back at the game, Kansas City had an opportunity to put points on the board. With a muffed punt by Mecole Hardman that led to a Bills score, Kansas City could have used that possession in better ways.

The Bills had one more drive than Kansas City, and yet somehow, the Chiefs won by 14.

Chiefs Applied Pressure on Josh Allen

There has been a narrative that teams should not blitz Josh Allen. Well, to put it nicely, that narrative just isn’t true. Kansas City did a great job blitzing and applying pressure on Josh Allen.

A number that may seem crazy at first glance, but very true, is the sack yards Buffalo gave up. Kansas City brought down Allen four times with a loss total of 53 yards.

Due to the pressure put on Allen, Kansas City was rewarded with great field position a few times. If they can do this against Brady in the Superbowl, Kansas City will repeat.

Kansas City Makes Playoff Football Look Easy

Another narrative that was written about Kansas City was their “Inability” to blow bad teams out. The Chiefs won 14 games this year, an NFL best. However, the Chiefs won five of those by at least ten points.

With two losses, that means Kansas City won nine games that were decided by a score or less. I’m sure that many people did not think the Chiefs would blow out Buffalo as they did.

With the dominance of this team, Kansas City can put up big numbers on anyone. Let’s hope that this continues. If the Chiefs want to beat the Buccaneers, they will need to show up in that style as well.

Featured Image Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports