While these games do not actually count, the preseason is still very important. Many teams started rusty last season after not having any preseason games at all. Now, the Chiefs can use these games for development and help fill out the rest of their roster. However, the same goes for the Arizona Cardinals.

While the Chiefs did not play their starters much, neither did the opponent. Pretty much every team in the preseason uses these games to help the non-starters out. That is precisely what happened for the Chiefs Friday night.

There are a few things you can take away from this preseason win. Yes, the win does not count. No, we should not overreact to any of this. However, these things are significant.

Takeaways from Chiefs win over Cardinals

Juan Thornhill looks very good

These are in no particular order, but I feel as if we have to mention how healthy Juan Thornhill looked in this game. The now third-year safety is looking good thus far. Yes, we should not overreact, but it is hard not to.

The one thing that stood out was the way he was reading the Cardinal’s offense. It seems as if his IQ has matured as well. Just look at the interception he had in the endzone, which was also an insane catch, by the way.

Byron Pringle used his time wisely

Maybe the best player for the Chiefs on Friday was Byron Pringle. The backup receiver has been on the Chiefs for quite some time now but does not play much. It seems like when he does; he always makes plays.

On Friday night, Byron Pringle did just that. It did not matter who the quarterback was; Pringle was catching the ball. In the first half, he had two very nice catches from Mahomes. Later he would catch a deep ball from Henne. It’s games like these that help players like Pringle.

An unexpected player made great plays

A player who gets a lot of fan love would be Daurice Fountain. The athletic freak showcased some of his skills against Arizona and did not disappoint.

He has been waiting for a chance for a little over a year now, and now he got one. In the game, he made some very nice plays, including blocking during run plays. The one play that stands out would be his 36-yard reception near the sideline, which helps Kansas City get into scoring.

While these things may mean nothing because it’s preseason, they still are important. These things are what helps a team get ready for the season. However, only one more preseason game, and then we have regular-season football.

Featured Image Credit: Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports