The Kansas City Chiefs have now played their first preseason game and put a W in the right column for preseason play. Now, they have the Arizona Cardinals on a Friday night on the four-letter network. Of course, since it is the second preseason game of the year, do not expect many starters to play. And if they do play, the first string won’t play much.

These games are still important. Do not let the non-existent records during this time of the season fool you. This is where the team finds out who will be on the team. This is where teams like the Chiefs find out who has what it takes and who does not. So, with that being said, here are some things you should watch for on defense.

Things to watch for Chiefs defense against Cardinals

The rookies are one of the biggest things fans should watch in the upcoming game against the Arizona Cardinals. Specifically, Nick Bolton, the Chief’s first pick in this year’s draft.

The former Missouri linebacker has been putting on a clinic in training camp. However, he still has something to prove. Look for Bolton to be used slightly more in this game than in the last. Against the 49ers, he finished with only two tackles. However, his production was good for the time he got.

The next thing fans should watch for is the other defensive rookie on the Chiefs roster. Joshua Kaindoh, a rookie from Florida State, should get a bit more time in this upcoming game.

When Kaindoh gets more time, look for his ability to get past the opposing team’s offensive line. That’s why the team brought him in, to develop the young pass rusher into a potential piece when Frank Clark leaves.

The same could go for Willie Gay Jr., who is now in his second season in the NFL. After not getting much time last season, Gay Jr. is listed as the starting linebacker so far.

In this game, Willie Gay Jr. may have free reign to do what he needs to. The Chiefs want to see how he has progressed and how his development is coming along. Look for the second-year linebacker to show his athleticism against the Cardinals playing in both coverage and rush defense.

The Chiefs have some good young players to develop, and that is precisely what the preseason is for. While the game may not actually count, you want to use these three weeks as a stepping stone for the younger players or the guys who need it.

Featured Image Credit: Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports