In the 2021 NFL offseason, the Chiefs have made moves already, not the moves you would think of. Travis Kelce and Chris Jones also made some big moves, something that will help the team greatly.

However, it wasn’t just any move. The two will help the Chiefs and Patrick Mahomes in terms of what happens in the next few weeks. Free agency is coming up, and just a few days ago, Kansas City had no cap space.

After the Chiefs let go Mitchell Schwartz and Eric Fisher to add some cap space, Mahomes pitched in a bit too. He decided it would be best to restructure his contract, and so he did, and others have since followed.

Jones and Kelce Restructure Contract

Just last year, the Chiefs gave an extension to both Travis Kelce and Chris Jones. Kelce would receive the highest contract for a tight-end ever in the history of the league. At a little over $57 million, Kelce was on track to earn around $14 million a year.

For Jones, he had let the Chiefs know he wanted to be there long term, but there was a price. Kansas City extended Chris Jones and gave him a contract for $80 million for four years. In case you can’t do quick math, that’s $20 million a year.

However, both players recently agreed to restructure their contract after Mahomes did so as well. If they want to get back to the Super Bowl, they will need more help. That starts in free agency, and with no cap space, that job can be tough to do.

After the three have reconstructed their contracts, it is said that the Chiefs will now have $18 million in cap space when the new season starts this week. This team is making moves that dynasties make and sacrifices more to win.

Featured Image: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports