Travis Kelce is continuing to prove everyone wrong. This man is the best Tight End in the league, and it isn’t really close. He knows it too. Kelce won’t tell you, but he didn’t have to. His play in the Chiefs AFC Championship win did enough.

It is crazy to think that Travis Kelce is already in his eighth season. It is also absurd to think that he is getting better each year. Travis Kelce is one of the best tight ends of all time, so for someone to believe he isn’t the best in the league is blasphemous.

The Superstar tight end does not have bad games, and he is good at everything he does. With that, the narratives have got to go. Enough of the “He doesn’t block good enough.” lines and the “Look at the offense he is in.” as if the last one is his fault.

It does not matter what you have to say about Travis Kelce. He has continued to defy all odds and narratives. In a way, that’s precisely what he did last Sunday against Buffalo in the AFC Championship.

Travis Kelce in the AFC Championship

The phrase “They threw everything and the kitchen sink at him.” applied to Travis Kelce and the Buffalo Bills in the AFC Championship. Kelce faced at least seven different defenders throughout the game, none of which successful.

Both Taron Johnson and Levi Wallace combined for two total targets and one reception while defending Kelce. However, that may not have been in Buffalo’s gameplan, as they never went back to it.

For some odd reason, Buffalo decided to try and put a linebacker-Matt Milano– and a defensive end-Darryl Johnson- on Travis Kelce. Of course, it did not work. The two combined allowed three receptions on three targets for 28 yards.

Milano, the player Bill’s fans claimed could have been a game-changer in week six, did not play well at all. When matched up with Kelce, he was graded at a 59.6 overall.

Tremaine Edmunds, the other unfortunate linebacker for the Bills, had the majority of snaps on Kelce. He allowed six receptions on seven targets for 55 yards and a touchdown. An even crazier stat is that he let Travis Kelce get five first downs.

The only other defender that tried anything on Kelce was Tre’Davious White. However, we won’t talk much about him, as he already got his fair share of heat against Tyreek Hill.

Travis Kelce is one of the best tight ends of all time. If you cant, see that by now, you must not be watching him play. This dude has been on a different level all year. Hopefully, that carries over to the Superbowl.

Featured Image: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports