NFL fans across the world witnessed one of the best football games in the history of the sport this past weekend. Chiefs-Bills lived up to the hype, without a doubt. Josh Allen and Patrick Mahomes both played almost flawlessly, and it is a shame that this matchup came as early as the divisional round because they may be the best two teams in the entire NFL. Trailing by three, the Chiefs got the ball back with just thirteen seconds remaining in regulation. Mahomes, Travis Kelce, and company got them in field goal range.

Because… of course, they did. What else could anyone expect?

Their star TE had an idea of what was coming from the Bills’ defense on the final drive. He made the play that gave them the chance to tie it and send the game to overtime. They did just that.

What did Kelce say?

Kelce told Mahomes that he would be open on their final offensive play, and he certainly was. That gain gave them the yardage they had to have. Buffalo didn’t cover him on the seam route because most of their attention was on Tyreek Hill downfield.

As we now know, Kelce also caught the game-winning TD in overtime. With the victory, Kansas City secured a spot in the AFC Championship. It is their fourth straight trip to the conference title game. Can they defeat Joe Burrow and the Bengals to grab a spot in the Super Bowl? It should be another awesome offensive battle.

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