The Kansas City Chiefs wrapped up day one of the training camp and got everyone excited, as usual. Of course, we as fans have a tendency to overreact to some highlights of players in shorts and jerseys. However, what is fandom if you can’t overhype your team.

It feels great to have football back. Of course, it is not quite the real thing just yet, but we are extremely close. In just seven weeks, the league will officially kick-off. This also means the Chiefs have some work to do, and that work starts in the training camp.

So far, head coach Andy Reid loves what he sees in training camp. Reid even made some great compliments on the team’s energy and said they came to play this offseason. It’s great to see coach Reid hyping the team up early, but what exactly is he looking for in camp?

What Andy Reid is Looking for in Training Camp

Head coach Andy Reid talked a bit about the offense, defense, and team overall. To start, he was asked what he would like to see from the new guys on defense before putting pads on. Of course, Reid had a long but fundamental answer.

“As a team, we have got to come together. You build this thing; this is the foundation of it… Get to know each other, know the man next to you, know his job, and let’s go play.”

Of course, Coach Andy Reid was asked about his overall view on the team leading up to the training camp and where he stands now.

“You want to see executions, especially before you get pads on. One install is in; let’s see execution, shifts, motions, snap counts. Let’s make sure we are not going backward but forwards. And assignment football on the back end.

With the high praise coming from coach Reid, it is safe to say we can expect big things once again this season.

Featured Image Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports