Kansas City has recently revamped their entire offensive line, as they should. After seeing what happened in the Super Bowl, who can really blame them? Now, with Orlando Brown added to the squad, Patrick Mahomes security is looking better than ever.

We don’t precisely know the starting lineup yet, but as of now, there is one offensive lineman in that group from last year. Mike Remmers, the right tackle as of now, is the only remaining from last year’s starters.

Kansas City managed to revamp their whole offensive line in a matter of months, while Russell Wilson will be running for his life for the tenth straight season.

In a way, that mainly shows how good the front office in Kansas City is, all starting with Brett Veach. Of course, there are still some questions surrounding some of the offensive line.

With Mike Remmers not playing well last season and Kyle Long coming out of retirement, the right side of the line is still in question. However, isn’t that what the draft is for?

Yes, that’s precisely what the draft is for, but now raises another question for the Chiefs. What exactly are they going to do now that they don’t have their first-round pick. Not only that but what positions are they going to target. I cannot tell you what they will do, but I can tell you what they should do.

Orlando Brown Trade Impacts Chiefs Draft

Just a few days ago, the Chiefs made what is being called a “blockbuster” trade with the Ravens. While many like to think the two teams have a rivalry, they both know that is simply not true. Kansas City has had the Ravens number for the last few years. If there were a rivalry present, Baltimore would not have given the best offense in football a top ten tackle in football.

While no, the Ravens didn’t just give Orlando Brown to the Chiefs, Kansas City did not lose much. Brett Veach and company sent this year’s first-round pick, along with the 2021 third and fourth-round picks as well. Let’s not forget the 2022 fifth-rounder as well.

Kansas City gave up just four picks, three in a year they did not need the assets as much, and a future pick. They did all that to get what may be a top ten tackle in the league, a 2021 second-round pick, and a 2022 sixth-round pick. That’s a pretty good deal if you ask me.

However, the question was not about if it was a good deal or not. The question was, where does Kansas City go from here? Who do they target now, and what positions are they most looking for?

As discussed before, the Chief’s most significant need going into this off-season was their offensive line. While they have fixed a lot of those issues, there is still some work to be done. However, now the Chiefs sit with no first-round pick and two second-round picks.

This draft has some good offensive line talent but also a lot of funcertainty after the first round. Some players have been rumored to be on the Chiefs list, but that was before the trade.

So now, the Chiefs need to attack the problems on the opposite side of the line. They need to target those players in the second round with one of their two picks.

However, linebacker would not be a bad option either. The Chiefs may have some good players to choose from at that point. Guys like Jabril Cox out of LSU, or even stay somewhat local and get Nick Bolton from Missouri.

If the Chiefs know what’s good for them, they will go offensive lineman first, then progress towards the linebacker position. However, it is the draft, and anything can happen.

Featured Image Credit: Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports