When looking at the recent dominance of the Kansas City Chiefs, there is not much they have done wrong. I mean, three AFC Championship appearances in three years, and two of those leading to Super Bowl appearance. Of course, we know about 2019, when Kansas City took home the gold.

However, it is safe to say they could have done more had their defense been better. Yes, we have heard it all about this defense over the last three years. While it has improved, it is not where the Chiefs want it to be.

While the Chiefs have amazing weapons on defense, with star contributors, a problem needs to be fixed. I think we can all agree the defense has cost the Chiefs some key situations recently. Adding this piece could help them en route to a dynasty.

Chiefs need another defensive piece to continue dominance

The Chiefs have players everyone knows about on defense. They have maybe the best safety in the league in Tyrann Mathieu. Then you add in a top-two defensive lineman in Chris Jones, along with Frank Clark, a big name. So what is wrong with this defense?

Well, to be frank (See what I did there), other than Chris Jones, the defensive line has not given the Chiefs much production. And on the second level of the defense, the Chiefs have guys that just don’t cut it in the linebacker group.

As far as the secondary goes, the Chiefs have improved it so much from what it was in 2018. So, the real problem lies within the first and second levels of the defense.

Obviously, if the Chiefs could get more out of Frank Clark, that would be amazing. With Willie Gay Jr. finally getting more time in camp, maybe there is hope that position could flourish. Let’s not forget about first-round pick Nick Bolton as well.

So, the defensive line needs better players, especially in the middle. The Chiefs signed Jarran Reed this offseason, which may help them a bit, but it is not likely that move changes everything.

In my opinion, Frank Clark is the problem. He is making far too much money not to be producing. The piece the Chiefs need is someone who can produce more than Clark. That may not be hard to find either. If they can do that, or even let some of the guys behind Clark on the depth chart get some time, the Chiefs may be better.

Featured Image Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports