The Kansas City Chiefs recently finished their Rookie Minicamp after not having one last season. Even without one in 2020, plenty of Chiefs rookies had a great showing during the season and showed amazing potential.

Head Coach Andy Reid felt great about this camp, as, of course, there was a camp to feel good about this time. The important thing with the rookies is getting them in the building early and building relationships. That, is exactly what the rookies got to do.

To put it in perspective, the Chiefs had 29 total players attend the rookie minicamp, including the six drafted just last month. Last season, the rookies had to do everything virtual via zoom calls. Now that the players can get back on the field, the class may be looking good for the 2021 season. So what exactly should we take away from the rookie minicamp this year?

To start, Head Coach Andy Reid already has high praise for the group that joined them on the field for three days.The small but helpful minicamp gave the Chiefs a glimpse of what they will be getting if they join the squad. Last year, that was definitely more challenging, being that nothing was face to face.

Obviously, we as fans do this every year, where we overreact to every little highlight we see from training camp. However, it is okay to get excited about the new guys.

It may be safe to say that these practices were very important to these players for several reasons, one of those being the first impression they make on the franchise as a whole, including the fanbase.

We should expect these guys to make mistakes. It happens, and especially in rookies. The Chiefs did not get a guy in the first round, so they don’t necessarily have that guy that is a “for sure” piece in this class. Allow the kids to make mistakes and allow them to grow. It will be tough for them to keep up in training camp with all veterans because it goes so fast. However, the Chiefs are excited about this class, and we should be too.

Featured Image Credit: Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports