You will see confetti angels looking at the screen, people rolling in the strips of paper falling from the ceiling. Only the team you see on the screen isn’t the Chiefs this time.

Last year, it was the 49ers in this position, watching Kansas City celebrate. Sure, it hurts and probably will for a while, but you can’t win them all.

The Chiefs have had a ton of success since Patrick Mahomes started for this team. In just three seasons with him at the helm, the Chiefs have made it to the AFC championship three times and the Super Bowl twice, with one ring.

However, after the loss against Tampa Bay, where do they go now? The Chiefs are favored to make it back to the Super Bowl but are they trending in that direction.

Where the Chiefs Go From Here

It is clear to see Kansas City has problems to fix during the off-season. The real flaws showed themselves during the Super Bowl loss. That being said, the offensive line needs fixing.

Of course, the players who were hurt- Eric Fisher and Mitchell Schwartz- will be back. Even with that, the Chiefs should still spend a draft pick on a tackle.

Kansas City will still be bringing almost everyone back from this past year’s squad. The core of this team will be intact for the next few years. Not to mention, Patrick Mahomes has roughly ten years left on his deal.

From here, they hit the off-season hard. This loss will only fuel this team even more than before. There really should not be any concern about Kansas City’s focus this off-season. If there were any, it would be about Mahomes focus on his baby on the way, but I think we can all agree that is a good excuse. Kansas City will be right back a top the league.

Featured Image: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports