Travis Kelce, the league’s undisputed best tight end, is not slowing down anytime soon. As a matter of fact, he was tiers above the second-best tight end this season. Yes, George Kittle was hurt, but Kelce and the Chiefs were on another level.

Even with Kittle playing the season before last, Kelce was considered by many as the best even then. Yes, Kittle does some things better, such as blocking and occasionally running after the catch, but Travis Kelce is better, in my opinion.

The former Cincinnati tight end may be the best route runner in all of football as of late, let alone the best among his position. Let’s not forget about the hands as well, as he is one of the best in the sport at catching the ball. That goes for tough catches as well as the easy ones.

So who is among the league’s best tight ends along with Kelce? Some people may answer that with Kittle, but there is a player up and coming who will take that spot soon, and it’s a familiar face for the Chiefs.

Kelce is Leagues Best; Rival Team May Have an Argument Soon

Darren Waller. Yes, that is the best tight ends competition as of right now. The new Las Vegas Raiders, Rival of the Chiefs, have a tight end who can be a generational talent. Fans only need to see one play from him to know he has all the tools to become great.

As of right now, Waller maybe the second or third best tight end in football, and for a few reasons. We talked about all the things Kelce does excellent; well, Waller can do those as well, maybe not as good, but awesome nonetheless.

The Raiders tight end is a wide receiver trapped in a tight end’s body. He has receiver speed, receiver break, and release, with the frame of a tight end. At 6’6”, 250 pounds, Waller runs a 4.46 40 yard dash. Athleticism like that is insane, and any team would love to have it. Obviously, he could improve on things, but he is still young in terms of learning the game.

Recently, Travis Kelce, George Kittle, and Greg Olson hosted their training camp, if you will, but for tight ends only. The Raiders star was at the base, front and center, and eager to learn from some of the best the game has seen. The Chiefs have to know this guy twice a year, and it may only get worse.

Featured Image Credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports