The Kansas City Chiefs are coming off of a historic season. By historic season, that means the regular season. The Chiefs finished the 2020 NFL regular season with a 14-2 record, the best finish to a regular season in franchise history.

However, in the last few years, there has not been a definite rival for the Chiefs. A statement like that is not always a bad thing, though, as it does prove just how dominant Kansas City has been.

Of course, there is always the history of the AFC West rivals. However, the Chiefs usually blow out all of those teams every year for the last few.

So the real question is, who is the Chiefs biggest rival, and is there one?

Chiefs Biggest Rival in the NFL

The Chiefs do not really have a rival at the moment, mostly because of their pure dominance. However, some teams could fill that void in the near future.

Of course, it seems as if the NFL has been trying to force a rivalry between Kansas City and Baltimore. However, the Ravens are another team that falls victim to not beating the Chiefs.

Most of the time in rivalries, both teams win a fair amount and usually go back and forth. A great example would be the Chiefs and Broncos before the Mahomes era.

Of course, since the MVP came to town, the Broncos have found themselves towards the bottom of the league. Even the Raiders and Chiefs of old had that feel to it.

Now, the Raiders may be the closest team to that. This is mostly due to the 1-1 games split between the two this past year and all the Raiders talking after their win.

A few teams on the rise to fame could become a challenge to Kansas City. One of those teams being Buffalo, who had a fantastic season in 2020.

With how good Josh Allen is bound to become and how they win games, the two teams could go back and forth for years to come. I guess the real question is, will the Bills win the most important game.

Featured Image: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports