The Kansas City Chiefs recently traded for Ravens offensive lineman Orlando Brown. With the trade being this close to the draft, many were surprised by the Chiefs decisions. However, the Chiefs may or may not have won this trade.

It is very easy to see where the Chiefs need to improve. Everyone has speculated that their number one pick would be spent on a lineman with the draft coming up.

So now that Kansas City has traded for Orlando Brown, what do they do? Well, that is a different discussion for a different day. As for now, who really won this trade?

Let’s break the trade down a little more and evaluate the assets used in this trade for both sides.

Who Won the Trade Between Chiefs and Ravens?

To start, the Chiefs received way more assets in this trade than the Ravens did. Kansas City is sending four total draft picks in the deal, including the 31st pick in this year’s draft. The other three picks being sent are future picks.

Kansas City will add a 2021 second-round pick and a 2022 sixth-round pick, along will pro bowl tackle Orlando Brown. Baltimore is also receiving the Chiefs third, and fourth-round picks from this year’s draft and a 2022 fifth-rounder.

When looking at this trade, one may assume that the Ravens automatically won this trade. Orlando Brown wanted out of Baltimore, and they were able to get some draft picks and value in return for him before letting him walk away with nothing.

However, it can be argued that this trade is more impactful for Kansas City. The Chiefs did not particularly need the later-round picks as much as maybe the Ravens did. However, they did need offensive line help. Orlando Brown will be a significant upgrade in that area.

Featured Image Credit: Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports