The Kansas City Chiefs have two of the league’s fastest players. The speed that Tyreek Hill possesses is no secret; I mean, his nickname is the cheetah. However, Mecole Hardman is a player who could be thought of as a top-five fastest player in the league.

While Hardman’s career in Kansas City has not been amazing, he has shown tremendous flashes of greatness. Hardman is used quite differently than most other NFL receivers. Andy Reid and company love to line him up in every spot on the offense and run sweeps and jets with the speedster.

In the last few years, the 5’10” receiver played behind Tyreek Hill, Sammy Watkins, Demarcus Robinson, and even Byron Pringle at times. Now with Sammy Watkins gone and on the Ravens, the third-year receiver may get more opportunity

Hardman Can Help Chiefs in 2021

Hardman has yet to miss a game in his two-year NFL career, which is very good. While he has played 32 games, he has only played 970 offensive snaps. Yes, that sounds like a lot, but it is not for someone who has not missed a game in two seasons.

Just to put it in perspective, we can look at Sammy Watkin’s last two years in Kansas City. In those previous two years with the Chiefs, Watkins played a total of 24 games, as compared to Hardmans 32. In those two years, Watkins played 1,267 snaps. Now that other number does not look so good for Hardman.

For another example, Demarcus Robinson, who is also ahead of Hardman on the depth chart, also has valuable data to look at. Robinson has played even fewer games in two years than Watkins with 19. In those games, he played 1,446 offensive snaps. This data once again makes Hardmans total snap numbers look bad.

The funny thing is, Hardman has fewer targets and receptions than those two players. However, he has more yards with 1,098 to Watkins 1,094, and Robinsons 915. Let’s not leave out the touchdowns either. Hardman is at ten touchdowns over the last two seasons, while Robinson sits at seven and Watkins at five.

It is clear to see the talent is there. However, the questions lie within the coaching staff. Is there something we don’t know or do not see why Hardman does not get more time? This season should help us find that out even more, as Mecole Hardman deserves a starting job in 2021.

Featured Image Credit: Steve Sanders/Handout Photo via USA TODAY Sports