This loss was not like any of the others. I’m sure most fans are hurt, as they should be. This was supposed to be the year that they run it back. Instead, they ran Mahomes into the ground.

Kansas City was known for having the best offense all season long. In fact, they had the best offense the past few seasons. Sunday did not show a good representation of that at all.

Nonetheless, the Chiefs will likely be back here this time next year. The roster will remain largely the same, and General Manager Brett Veach will surely look to fill some gaps in the draft and free agency.

Before that happens, we need to sulk first and understand why this happened. Who is to blame for this Super Bowl loss? You can’t blame Patrick Mahomes, that’s for sure. So let’s stop with the narrative that he did not show up.

Mahomes isn’t Playing the Blame Game

Anyone who watched the game saw Patrick Mahomes running for his life nearly every offensive snap. It’s tough to watch your franchise quarterback do all he can time and time again, and it still not be enough.

The Chiefs did not score a touchdown in the Super Bowl loss. They did a great job of moving the ball at times but couldn’t quite get in the end zone. Yes, even with the injuries at hand, Kansas City finally looked human.

According to Next Gen Stats, the Chiefs used five-man protection on 92% of their plays, which was not enough. The two backup tackles in Stefan Wisnieski and Mike Remmers had a rough night dealing with the Buccaneers edge rushers.

The offensive line allowed 30 pressures to Brady’s seven total pressures. That right there is the story and the difference in the game. Not the referees, and not Patrick Mahomes playing bad. Andy Reid was asked about the optimistic of the offensive line Monday morning, and he had this to say:

“They busted their tail… with the guys that are injured or opted out, we may get them back… im optimistic going forward”

While incompletions should not be highlights, Mahomes made a few throws that should be impossible to make. Even on a bad turf toe, he still ran for 497 total yards before a snap or sack, in terms of him trying to escape pressure.

He can not do it all, and that is now obvious. Hats off to Tom Brady and the Buccaneers, but this one is not on Patrick Mahomes, so let’s quit that nonsense.

Featured Image: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports