The Kansas City Chiefs are flying under the radar for one of the best draft classes in 2021. There is one huge reason this class is so good, that reason being Nick Bolton. The former Missouri linebacker is looking to make his mark on the league with one of the best teams in the NFL.

While the Chiefs have one of, if not the best, offenses in football, the defense is still not all the way there yet, and that is fine. This team has come a long way, and the outsiders do not realize that, but the loyal fans do.

In 2012, just a little under ten years ago, this team finished 2-14 in the regular season. That would tie their worst season of all time along with 2008. Now, we are talking about a potential dynasty in the making.

The Chiefs have built this team on almost purely offense, and drafting a guy like Nick Bolton will only help them overall. Chiefs fans should be nothing short of excited, and here is why.

Chiefs Draft Nick Bolton, Get a Steal

Bolton may not be the explosive athlete that we see from other players like Zaven Collins or Micah Parsons from this draft. However, he has fantastic instincts. It seems as if he is always around the ball or the one making the tackle.

That is not the only thing Nick Bolton brings to the Chiefs, and the kingdom will love this, but Bolton has heart. Yes, Nick Bolton has heart, more of it than anyone could possibly have. He does not give up at all. If there were a comparison out there for how much heart he had, it would be similar to NBA superstar Russell Westbrook, who goes 100 miles per hour at all times, with 110% all the time.

There is a play that fans can look up of Nick Bolton tracking down speedster Kadarius Toney and making a tackle in the open field. According to Pro Football Focus, Nick Bolton is the highest graded linebacker in college football since 2019. Not Micah Parsons, who is considered the best linebacker in the draft. Not Zaven Collins, who is considered one of the most NFL-ready talents.

Nick Bolton can get it done in the run game and passing defense. Bolton has a tendency to get his hand on passes often, making him a rare commodity. With 11 pass deflections and two interceptions in college, Bolton has great ball skills at the linebacker spot.

However, there is a reason Nick Bolton fell as far as he did. According to Pro Football Focus, he was ranked the 34th best player in this draft. However, he somehow fell to the Chiefs at 58, which is an amazing deal. The Chiefs got one of their guys they originally wanted at 31, 27 picks later.

Bolton is a bit undersized for his position and has the build of a bigger safety. At 6’0″, 232 pounds, Nick Bolton may be smaller than most of the players he is matched up against. However, the Chiefs saw something in him that made them ignore that one and only con, and hopefully, he has a long and great career in Kansas City.

Featured Image Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports