The Kansas City Chiefs have one of the best offenses in football, and there is no debating that. Between the skills of Patrick Mahomes at quarterback and the many weapons he has on the outside, the Chiefs are nearly unstoppable at times. With all the stir about Julio Jones, many teams are lining up for the sweepstakes.

However, the Chiefs should not be one of those teams to pursue Julio Jones. While you can never get enough weapons, the Chiefs do not necessarily need Jones or the things he may bring. Yes, he is one of this generation’s best receivers, but the Chiefs should stay away from him.

Chiefs Shouldn’t Pursue Julio Jones

Julio Jones is a fantastic player with unprecedented talent who has shown he can be the league’s best receiver. However, the Chiefs cannot afford him. It is as simple as that. Kansas City does not have any cap space for Julio Jones and cannot afford to trade valuable pieces for him.

The only way for Julio Jones to become a Chief is that way of trade. With three years still left on his contract, Jones is set to hit free agency in 2024. Jones 2021 salary-cap charge is currently at $23 million, which is a lot for the 32-year old veteran.

But the real reason the Chiefs should stay away from lies there. Julio Jones is 32-years-old, and cannot seem to stay healthy. Not to mention the huge contract they would be paying to a guy who might not play a whole lot. Of course, who would not love the idea of one of the best receivers of all time with the league’s best quarterback?

However, Kansas City does not necessarily need to make this move to put itself back into contention. They are already there without him. The Chiefs problems do not lay within the receiving group, but the offensive line and the defense. They could make this move, and of course, it would be exciting. However, the Chiefs won’t lose sleep if they don’t get Julio Jones.

Featured Image Credit: Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports