Patrick Mahomes, the 500 million dollar quarterback, is in yet another Super Bowl. Two appearances in three years as a starting quarterback is pretty impressive.

The Chiefs have rallied around him, allowing Mahomes to have free reign in Kansas City. This Sunday, he will be playing the greatest quarterback of all time.

The Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes matchup will likely be one for the ages. With a win on Sunday for Brady, he improves his legacy even more, making it harder for him to reach the top of Mount Everest.

Patrick Mahomes is already the best quarterback the Kansas City Chiefs have ever had. If he wins on Sunday, bringing home a second straight ring, is he the league’s undisputed best quarterback?

Is Mahomes Leagues Best QB After Sunday?

The Chiefs have a good chance at winning on Sunday, mostly because of who they have at quarterback. Mahomes has been the most talented quarterback in the league for a few years now.

While he is only getting better, there is a difference between the most talented and the undisputed best. Let’s use an example.

This season, Aaron Rodgers was the best quarterback. You can’t argue that either. He had a spectacular MVP season and led his team deep in the playoffs.

Patrick Mahomes, on the other hand, has an MVP season and a Super Bowl MVP. Not many other players have done that, and another Super Bowl appearance, all in three seasons.

A win on Sunday will not only help Mahomes legacy but make him the league’s best quarterback until proven otherwise. He has a will to win and has shown that in his short career.

There is a reason why people are already calling him the next greatest of all time. It is safe to say, even with a loss on Sunday, Mahomes is still atop the league.

Featured Image Credit: Steve Sanders/Handout Photo via USA TODAY Sports