A lot of the talk the last few weeks has been about the Super Bowl. Another topic of interest has been Eric Bieniemy and why the Chiefs offensive coordinator has not been hired yet as a head coach.

It is a shame that there is not a more diverse group of coaches across the league. Not to mention, a lot of teams needed new coaches a long time ago.

Eric Bieniemy would be a tremendous head coach, and I think everyone knows that. The only people who don’t know maybe ownership around the league.

Bieniemy is coming off of a Super Bowl championship and is already heading to another appearance. Let’s not forget steering the ship of the league’s best offense.

With a win on Sunday, there should no longer be a reason for teams to pass on Bieniemy. However, they most likely still will.

Eric Bieniemy, A Future Head Coach

Eric Bieniemy should be a head coach the year after next. As a matter of fact, the guy should have been a coach last year. However, the Chiefs will happily accept Bieniemy for at least another year.

Without Bieniemy, there may not be a 500 million dollar quarterback in Kansas City. By that, I mean Patrick Mahomes may not be as good as he is today.

Yes, Andy Reid and Mahomes are a big factor in the Chiefs success. However, the offensive coordinator has a lot to do with it all as well. The offense, the crazy plays this team pulls off, Eric Bieniemy takes part in that.

It is crazy to think that the offensive coordinator immediately brought success to the Chiefs. If he does not get a job soon, it will only further prove that there is something wrong with the league. A win on Sunday will, and should, get him a job this time next year.

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