Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes is well-known for his off-schedule throws that often result in highlight reel-worthy plays.

Mahomes isn’t afraid to throw a no-look pass to an open receiver. He also isn’t scared to drop his arm slot down to throw the ball around a defender like a middle infielder turning a double play.

No throw seems to be off limits for Mahomes.

Including a behind-the-back throw.


Mahomes has been working on a behind-the-back throw in practice. It’s likely just the former NFL MVP having some fun. But he’s made enough wild throws that I wouldn’t put it past Mahomes to use it in a game.

Check out the throw:

Opposing defensive coordinators would probably lose their minds if Mahomes pulled that off in a game.

The Chiefs’ offensive staff might lose their minds, too. But if it works, it works. And most of what Mahomes does on the field works just fine.

Featured image via Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports