KANSAS CITY – The Chiefs have had great success recently within the draft. Just as a reference, you can look back to 2017, when the Chiefs took a flyer on a quarterback prospect with ‘wonky mechanics’.

Now, Patrick Mahomes is one of the best quarterbacks in the league, and a Super Bowl MVP at the age of 26. I guess we can thank Brett Veach for that one.

However, Brett Veach is also the main guy responsible for the draft classes over the last few years. Last season, the rookie class was special. Several offensive linemen got to prove they were the real deal. Creed Humphrey may be the best center in the league next year, if not already. And Trey Smith was the biggest steal of the draft last year.

Nick Bolton surged as the most talented linebacker on the team. Now, he has maybe the most important season of anyone else on the team, for a few reasons.

Chiefs Nick Bolton is facing an important season

The Chiefs are one of the best teams in the league, still, and not many dispute that. However, what is disputed often is whether or not the defense can actually be good or not.

Last season, Kansas City started on one of the worst defensive streaks, ever. Fortunately for the team, they turned everything around when Melvin Ingram came to town.

Now, was that a byproduct of his play? Maybe not. However, Melvin Ingram definitely helped the defense.

With Ingram, and Hitchens out of town now, Nick Bolton has some big shoes to fill, as he will now wear the green dot on defense. Bolton has experience in this role after replacing Hitchens for two games last year. Bolton received praise from his teammates for both the production and direction produced while serving in the role.

That is why this season is so important for Bolton. It is not often you see a second-year player become the guy responsible for essentially assembling the defense. However, there may not be a better option than Bolton.

Between the former captain Anthony Hitchens leaving, and the expectations of the defense this season, Bolton has a lot on his plate.

Featured Image Credit: Albert Cesare/The Enquirer / USA TODAY NETWORK