It’s safe to say that the NFL is in good hands with quarterbacks like Baker Mayfield and Patrick Mahomes leading the way. Of course, Mayfield hasn’t quite lived up to his number one pick expectations, but he did lead the Browns to their first playoff win since 1994.

Patrick Mahomes has made his way as the best quarterback in the league. Of course, we all know about his accomplishments since coming into the league, but since Chiefs fans like to hear it, we can go ahead and list them: A three-time pro-bowler, one-time All-Pro, one-time MVP, and of course the best of all, Super Bowl champion and MVP.

Mahomes vs Mayfield in College

Before they were both in the NFL, Mahomes and Mayfield met in college when the two played in the Big 12. Mayfield was at the helm of the 16th ranked Oklahoma Sooners. The two met when the Texas Tech Raiders hosted a conference home game in 2016.

Ultimately, the Sooners would come out on top behind Mayfield’s 500 yards and seven passing touchdowns. However, Patrick Mahomes put on a show and racked up 700 passing yards and five touchdowns. Little did the two know, this was not the last they would see of each other.

These two have met before in the regular season, and it didn’t go well for Mayfield and company. Mahomes was in the midst of his outstanding MVP campaign in 2018, and boat raced Cleveland 37-21. In that season, the Browns were 2-6-1 and just so happened to face a hot Kansas City team.

This time around, the two are at a more even playing field than the last matchup. As the sixth seed Browns just beat a 12-4 Steelers team. But how do these two fare in their upcoming matchup?

The Mahomes vs Mayfield Battle Continues: What Each QB is Facing

This weekend’s first Sunday game will feature both Patrick Mahomes and Baker Mayfield in a matchup that should be high scoring.

The Browns are coming off an astounding win over Pittsburgh that saw them winning 28-0 in the first quarter. With the help of their defense, Cleveland forced Pittsburgh to five turnovers. However, the Browns offense is what stood out in this one. Their first game back in the playoffs since 2002, and Mayfield and company hang 48 points on one of the best defenses in the NFL.

It is proven that Kansas City does not have the best of defenses this season, but it has improved a ton since 2018 when they were one of the league’s worst. Luckily, the Chiefs have an insanely good offense that can outscore nearly anyone, and of course, Patrick Mahomes.

The Browns are in the bottom half of the league in passing defense, and it just so happens that Kansas City is statistically the best passing offense in the NFL. Mahomes led this team to the most total passing yards with nearly 5,000.

Mayfield and the Browns were not a fantastic passing team this season, and rightfully so when you look at their running backs they have on hand. Cleveland ranked 22nd in passing offense this year, with just 221 passing yards per game. However, they are a great running team, one of the best, actually. But that is not what this battle is about because neither quarterback runs the ball a ton.

What to Expect in this Battle

In this matchup between the two, you can expect there to be plenty of offense. We all know about the flashy plays that Kansas City runs. However, Cleveland has some they can pull out of their bag as well.

Ultimately, Mahomes will win this matchup between Mayfield and the Browns. His ability to get the job done has been proven efficient time and time again. Just look at last years playoffs, when the Chiefs trailed in every game they played. Somehow, someway, they are defending their title this weekend, and Baker Mayfield is standing in their way.

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