Xavien Howard, the Dolphins all-pro cornerback, recently requested a trade from Miami as of July 27th. Why is this important, you may ask? Well, you can never have too much talent in your defensive backfield. Even for the Chiefs, who are loaded on offense, they could also use some more talent on defense.

Some of you will say, “But the Chiefs are good at cornerback.” and while that may be true with Sneed emerging as a star, Howard is elite. As he said in his letter to Miami fans and his teammates:

“I’m one of the best cornerbacks in the NFL, and the Tape backs up that claim.”

Not only does his tape back it up, but his numbers do as well. Howard led the NFL in interceptions last season with ten. Not only were his interception numbers amazing, but Howard also led the NFL in pass deflections with 20. It is safe to say he was a ball hawk last season.

Should Chiefs go After Xavien Howard?

So now the big question. Should the Chiefs go after Xavien Howard? To come up with an answer, we can evaluate his play last season, amongst some other things that should determine the solution as well.

Let’s start with his play last season. Led the NFL in both interceptions and pass deflections. So, safe to say he gets his hands on the ball a lot. Another player who does that is Tyrann Mathieu, who did not have as good a season but was still dominant.

The now sixth-year veteran also had a career-high in tackles last season with 51, which is low, but it shows that he is still improving. The 27-year-old has not even hit his prime yet, and has already been an all-pro twice and made first-team all-pro just last season.

So now fans will see all that and ask why Kansas City wouldn’t do that. Well, it is pretty simple, actually, and here is the answer to the question. No, they should not pursue the two-time pro-bowler.

Xavien Howard is not happy with the Dolphins because, in reality, he wants a better deal, and I am not sure the Chiefs can give him that either. With the money the Chiefs currently have and the players who are expected to get an extension, i.e., Tyrann Mathieu, there may not be space for his contract.

Essentially, Howard would probably be upset with Kansas City as well and potentially hold out. So, in short terms, Xavien Howard would really be used as a rental, with no real possibility he gets the contract he truly deserves.

While he is amazing, and I think everyone can agree on that, this is not a move the Chiefs should make. Yes, he would help the team tremendously. However, he would be too expensive to keep around.

Featured Image Credit: Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports