The Chiefs are one of the greatest franchises in the history of the NFL. They, may not have the most rings, but they are very well respected. If you ask NFL owners and General Managers around the league, they will likely tell you the same thing. I mean the AFC Championship award is named after the Chiefs original owner, Lamar Hunt, for crying out loud.

The Chiefs got to be one of the best, most liked, and most respected franchises because they do everything the right way. They do not tolerate trouble, and they play football. They also draft extremely well.

Chiefs have amazing history through the draft

Just this last year the Chiefs maybe had one of the most successful drafts in the league. Why? Well, they were able to turn a sixth-round pick Trey Smith from Tennessee, into one of the best rookies in the league, and a future all-pro offensive lineman.

According to Pro Football Focus, Trey Smith finished last year with a 72 overall grade.

This past year the Chiefs also drafted Creed Humphrey, who was the best center in the league, and frankly, it was not close. Creed Humphrey finished the year with a PFF grade of 91.4.

The Athletic recently came out with their list of the greatest first round picks of all time. A Chiefs player was quick to make an appearance on that list.

Players 1-9 on that list were as followed.

  1. Peyton Manning, quarterback, 1998, Colts
  2. Lawrence Taylor, outside linebacker, 1981, Giants
  3. Larry Fitzgerald, wide receiver, 2004, Cardinals
  4. “Mean” Joe Greene, defensive tackle, 1969, Steelers
  5. Mike Ditka, tight end, 1961, Bears
  6. Jim Brown, running back, 1957, Browns
  7. Bulldog Turner, center/linebacker, 1940, Bears
  8. Willie Roaf, offensive tackle, 1993, Saints
  9. Brian Urlacher, middle linebacker, 2000, Bears

None other than a familiar face came in at number 10. 

Patrick Mahomes, quarterback, 2017, Chiefs

For Mahomes to make a list such as this one is astounding. For Mahomes to crack the top 10 on a list like this one, seems impossible. However, it isn’t. The former MVP, and super bowl MVP has done nothing but great things since he has been in the league.

Brett Veach was a genius for trading up to get Patrick Mahomes. If he hadn’t done that, I don’t think the Chiefs are even in the conversation for winning a super bowl. They may not be in any conversation at all.

Being on a list like this will only help the Chiefs going forward. I think we could even see Mahomes higher on this list 10 years from now. He could possibly be number one.

Featured Image Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports