Of course, the Chiefs get blessed this weekend by not having to play Aaron Rodgers. Honestly, the Kansas City defense may have just a slate of sweat off their forehead after hearing the news.

With Rodgers out though, fans may lose sight of another advantage the Chiefs have over the Packers. No, it isn’t the fact that Green Bay doesn’t have the reigning MVP, although that is huge, and a bad break for the Packers.

No, it isn’t that the Chiefs get to game plan all week knowing they won’t play Rodgers. But instead, it is the fact that they get to play Jordan Love in his first-ever regular-season game.

Chiefs defensive game plan to be centered around Love

The Kansas City Chiefs have one of, if not the worst defense in football. Just to prove it, they allowed the New York Giants, the 26th ranked offense in football, to score 17 points, in a very easy fashion.

Had Aaron Rodgers been playing in this upcoming game, the Chiefs defense was almost guaranteed to give up at least 25, in my opinion. Luckily for them, the Chiefs don’t play Aaron Rodgers, they play second-year quarterback Jordan Love.

Of course, it will be hard to prepare for a rookie quarterback, and even coach Steve Spagnuolo agrees:

“There’s not a lot out there… You still defend the scheme. Will they have some wrinkles? They probably will.”

However, they can use that to their advantage. The Chiefs will need to bring it against the Packers offense, a team that is coming off a long week, with some players injured as well.

However, Jordan Love has never seen an actual starting defense. In his defense, the Chiefs haven’t played like one either. But nonetheless, Kansas City will need to be prepared as well. While he is a rookie, Love is a very talented quarterback at that.

This game should be a good one, but I anticipate the Chiefs winning, but not by much. The advantage of having Patrick Mahomes over a rookie quarterback is what puts them over the top.

Featured Image Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports