The Chiefs are always on someone’s list. Whether it be a top 5 team, super bowl contenders, best players in the league, etc… Being the best is not easy. It comes with very harsh criticism, faithful doubters, naysayers, and much more. However, this team can handle all of that, as they have shown before.

In 2019, when the Chiefs won the Superbowl, look at all the adversity they went through. Kansas City won every playoff game after being down in all of them. Against Houston, the Chiefs trailed by 24, but that did not stop this team.

Before Superbowl 54 even started the Chiefs were doubted. People said the 49ers would win because the Chiefs defense is bad. However, we saw how that turned out. This year is just another year of the same thing the Chiefs are used to, proving people wrong.

Chiefs not the number one team according to NFL rankings

The NFL Network recently came out with their power rankings before the season started. Now, remember, this is not a list over who will win the Super Bowl. Instead, this is a list of who is the number one team in week one of the regular season.

The ‘experts’ have Kansas City as the second-best team. Some people would say that’s fair considering they lost the Superbowl, and the Buccaneers returned all 22 guys. However, remember, this is not a Superbowl list.

Kansas City was the best team during the regular season last season. It just so happens that the red and gold ran into the injury bug at the wrong time. Even though they lost the Superbowl, they should still be ranked first.

Think about how great this team was last year during the regular season. Going 14-2 is not easy by any means, in fact, it’s the Chiefs best regular-season record ever. Now think of that team, and make the offensive line way better. Then while you are at it, make the linebacker room better. Now you have this year’s team. The Buccaneers are the same team with the same players, just different backups.

However, it is okay the Chiefs are not number one. Not because of the reasons I named, but because of one other. This team thrives under pressure. They thrive when being ‘down and out.’

Being doubted like this will only make Andy Reid and company go harder. The team wants revenge, and whoever came out with these rankings, is only helping the Chiefs more. Sunday against the Browns for week one, the NFL will remember just how dangerous Kansas City is.

Featured Image Credit: Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports