There is no doubt that the Kansas City Chiefs star players have shined in both of their playoff games, but credit must be given where it is due. Andy Reid and this coaching staff are up to something historical and are currently in the process of, and have already begun, creating the NFL’s next unstoppable dynasty.

For years it was Bill Belichick, Tom Brady, and the Patriots. Now coach Reid, with the help of a young Patrick Mahomes and company, has catapulted the Chiefs to a high standard of winning.

Kansas City Chiefs Staff Stay a Key to Their Success

The Chiefs do have arguably the most talented roster in the NFL, but this can also be said about their coaches. Coach Reid has done an amazing job, alongside offensive genius Eric Bieniemy, at cooking up plays that no other teams have ever pulled off.

It is much easier to score in a red zone situation when the defense actually has no idea what you are going to run and simply cannot practice for it. With constant motions, fake jet sweeps, and shovel passes, the Chiefs are a pure joy to watch.

There are no other teams with the capability to execute these style plays, which makes the Chiefs so dangerous. The combination of a very talented roster and special coaching is being put on display for everyone to see right now, and it is a pretty sight.

Facing Adversity the Kansas City Chiefs Still Thrive

When Mahomes went down with what was thought to be a concussion in the divisional round against the Browns, backup quarterback Chad Henne stepped up to the plate.

Coach Reid, as well as offensive coordinator Bieniemy, did a fantastic job at keeping the play-calling simple but effective enough to squeak out the victory. With the score at 22-17, a little over a minute remaining on the clock, the Chiefs were faced with a 4th and one situation stuck at midfield.

Instead of the classic trust your defense or run up the middle, Reid went with a quick out pass to star wide receiver Tyreek Hill. This call was so risky but put the nail in the coffin of what was the Browns season.

Defensive Coordinator Steve Spagnuolo has had no problem lighting the fire that continues to burn under his defense. In the divisional matchup, he knew Cleveland would attack with a run-heavy approach, so we were seen stacking the box often.

Bringing constant pressure on Bills quarterback Josh Allen worked very well, as he took multiple big sacks as well as a forced interception and one that was dropped. The Chiefs were also seen in man-coverage a lot, which threw Allen off when the pressure came.


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