Chiefs fans have not been too happy lately, and rightfully so. After three straight years of nothing but success, Kansas City has been struggling mightily. The main concerns have come from the defensive side of the ball, especially this year, but the last few years as well.

Everyone thought bringing in Steve Spagnuolo would fix it, and somewhat it was fixed. However, the defense has looked as if it is declining, especially when you look at the number of points being scored.

Knowing how passionate Chiefs fans are, they will call for the firing of Spagnuolo soon. However, his great coaching last Sunday may have saved his job, and here is why.

Chiefs Steve Spagnuolo may have saved his job against Washington

Let’s take a second and look at how Spagnuolo got here, what exactly he did to make Chiefs fans so upset. To start, Kansas City has given up more points to the opposing team than their average from last season, in almost every game.

Week one was no different, where the Browns scored 29. Yes, Cleveland has an amazing offense. However, they have not added many pieces on offense and averaged just 25 points per game last year.

In week two, the Chiefs played the Baltimore Ravens, who, of course, gave the Chiefs their first loss on the season. And much like Cleveland, the Ravens do have a great offense. They averaged 29 points per game last season, but the Chiefs defense would allow 36 and a loss.

Starting to sound repetitive here but the same thing goes for the Chargers in week three. This is a team that has weapons everywhere, however they haven’t added any new starters at any skill position, besides Jared Cook who is a step down from Hunter Henry. Last season, the Chargers averaged just 24 points per game but scored 30 against Kansas City.

The Eagle’s situation is a bit different, where they had two different quarterbacks starting, one being a rookie. That, and some major injuries are why they averaged only 20 points per game last year. However, the Chiefs gave up 30 to Philadelphia, who is not a great team at all.

Of course, I don’t need to tell you what happened last week, as it is still very fresh in many of the minds of Chiefs fans. The defense is looking horrendous, and fans were starting to call for Steve Spagnuolo to be fired.

However, he may have bought some more time this past Sunday. The Chief’s defense played great, easily the best game they have played this year. Yes, Washington does not have a great offense, but they did lock them down.

The Washington Football Team came into the week averaging more than 20 points per game. While that does not seem like much, it is more than 13. Kansas City held the team with no name scoreless in the second half.

Due to some adjustments, Spagnuolo was able to do his job from the sideline. For now, it seems like it may be safe, but who knows what will happen this year.

Featured Image Credit: Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports