The reigning Superbowl champions in the Chiefs played a close game in their first of the playoffs. While the score was not close for the first half, some questionable plays could have easily favored the Browns in this divisional round. Instead, Kansas City and the Kingdom came out on top with a 22-17 win.

Once the 500 Million dollar man went out, every Chiefs fan’s heart had to sink like an anchor. While Mahomes landing looked funky and his rise up from the ground even funkier, it was evident that he would be out.

It was later announced that Patrick Mahomes was out for the rest of the game with a concussion, a CBS graphic that may haunt Chiefs fans. Besides the questionable play call on that play, there were a few things to take away from this divisional round win.

3 Takeaways in Chiefs Divisional Round Game

Chad Henne is Kansas City

Not going to lie, but when Chad Henne came into the game, fear ran through my body. Especially when CBS showed his career numbers graphic, and he had more interceptions than touchdowns.

Sure, fans were probably upset when he threw that interception, and there was not a receiver in red in the vicinity. However, his gutsy game overrules the bad plays he made. This guy is a backup, so expectations should not be high.

After the game, Head Coach Andy Reid had this to say about the interception by Chad Henne.

“I take full responsibility for that interception, thats on me, and im proud of chad.”

After the defense got a stop and forced a punt, Chad Henne did what Chad Henne does. He drove his team down the field while also taking time off the clock.

In a dire situation with little time on the clock, Henne turns a third and 14 into a big play, where he dove headfirst to try and get the first down. When he didn’t get it, Henne got in the shotgun formation and hit Tyreek Hill for the first down. This guy won’t get a Superbowl MVP, but he was the MVP in this one.

3rd and 4th Down Defense is BAD, but Came Up CLUTCH

It seemed as if all game, this defense could not get off of the field. It probably gave some fans PTSD of the defense in 2018, when they were one of the worst.

This Kansas City defense started the game well, only allowing three points in the first half. However, when Mahomes went out, it seemed like the defense was affected as well.

They allowed the Browns to convert six of their 13 third downs in the game. The defense didn’t allow just any third-down conversions but some key ones that hurt Kansas City even more.

It is one thing when you have Mahomes on the sideline that can score after your defense stays on the field forever, but it is another when your quarterback is Chad Henne, and you have no clue what he will do.

Luckily, when they needed a stop the most after a Chad Henne interception, they got one. This defense forced Cleveland to punt, thus allowing Andy Reid to run the two-minute drill.

Next week at Buffalo, Kansas City will have to fix those issues. Josh Allen turns nothing into something as if it’s a hobby of his and will destroy opponents when they make mistakes, as seen on Saturday night.

Darrel Williams is a Grown Man Who Came to Play

A guy who is not expected to play as well as he did was Darrel Williams. With the starting running back in Clyde Edwards-Helaire out for this game, the other former LSU running back got the nod.

Coming into this game, the Browns expected Kansas City to throw the ball and hardly run. They did one of those things, as their offense was as balanced as possible.

The Chiefs finished with more rushing yards than Cleveland, a top-five rushing team this season. A lot of that can be attributed to Williams, who finished with 78 yards and an average of six yards per carry.

Not to mention he was very effective in the short passing game, picking up several key first downs. If Edwards-Helaire is not ready to go next week, Williams will be ready.

Featured Image: Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports